What Others Have Said about Bob’s Ministry

“Dr. Roane is a complete package. He has a very unique gift of teaching, along with the gift of knowledge, combined with sensitivity and passion that makes him a rare bird indeed. Rarely have I had the opportunity to be around a person who has all the necessary gifts to be called “a complete package,” but Bob is that man.”Dr. Buck Oliphant (Retired), Christ Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas
“Bob shows me God’s faithful grace in every season of life. He reaches out to the community, ministering with humility and a shepherd’s heart to counsel and comfort. He is ever-ready to help, supplying whatever is needed in times of sorrow, offering hope, love, and continual encouragement…. I trust Bob Roane.”PL, Healthcare Professional, Anahola, Hawaii
“I love your passionate teaching for the Lord. I knew very little about the New Testament before I took this class. I love how you taught us in depth about Jesus and following Him. I also liked how well you connected with the class. You kept our attention. Thanks for a wonderful learning experience!”YS, Student, Windsor Village Methodist Campus
Dr. Bob led training classes at River Pointe Church and people were captivated. His technique of praying the Bible back to God was a unique learning for many of us. One person called it, “the most marvelous and useful thing I have learned in Scripture study.” Bob’s booklet “Helps for Those Who Hurt” and his studies on Psalm 119 are well organized and well written. I have used both in serving others and comforting myself.EJ, Richmond, Texas
“Bob is a phenomenal teacher! He explains complex thoughts and doctrines so that all can understand, using examples, stories, songs, charts, and pictures. Our ten-year-old daughter loves his classes.”Mr. & Mrs. P, Houston, Texas
Pastor Roane is one of the finest men I have known. He is a man of integrity, a godly example, and demonstrates love and compassion. Our son suffered serious injuries and almost death from an auto accident. He ministered to my wife, my son, and me in wonderful ways, encouraging us and lightening our load, by helping to carry our burden. Bob counseled my daughter and her fiancee before marriage, giving uncompromising Biblical insight in a loving, non-judgmental way. He was instrumental in leading my son-in-law to a saving knowledge of Christ. MS, Medical Doctor, Little Rock, Arkansas
“I observed Dr. Roane’s Old Testament class and he does a great job! These are adult students in Business Administration and Dr. Roane helps them apply the Bible to daily life and integrate it into other academic subjects. He challenges students and maintains their interest during these four hour sessions, using varied activities to cater to various learning styles. He makes the classroom a very positive educational environment.”Dr. Steven Rodriguez, Former Dean, Belhaven University, Houston
“We are a simple family of Mexican descent and others never gave us the time of day. We were raised Roman Catholic and could hardly understand our Bible. Bob came to our home many times to patiently, lovingly teach us the Holy Scriptures–and our lives changed.”Mr. & Mrs. A, Spring, Texas
In our 40 plus years of Christian experience, Dr. Bob is one of the finest pastors we have been privileged to have as a teacher, preacher, counselor, and friend. He ministers God’s word with liveliness, humility, application, and deep care for people. He has a shepherding heart–visiting, meeting with, encouraging, praying, helping us and others through family struggles, extending acts of mercy to those in need. Bob builds people up, has great common sense, keeps private matters confidential. We never doubt his integrity, trustworthiness, or motivation. We always feel safe with Bob.Mr. & Mrs. S, Bend, Oregon