Our Mission

Mission Statement

Houston buildings at nightAlong with all of Christ’s people, in humble reliance upon the Holy Spirit, Words of Hope seeks to:

  • Help people know Jesus as Lord and Savior and make Him known
  • Bring His unchanging word to an ever-changing world
  • Take the whole gospel, to the whole person, to the whole world
  • Equip people to serve Christ in the arts and sciences, homes and government, business and education

We help people obey the Greatest Commandment, the Great Commission, and the Cultural Mandate through:

  • UpReach (Worship and Prayer)
  • OutReach (Evangelism and Missions)
  • InReach (Edification and Assimilation)

By God’s grace, we seek to produce healthy Christians and families who are W.E.L.L.:

  • Worshiping God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) with heart, soul, mind, and strength
  • Evangelizing intentionally
  • Loving like Jesus in word and deed
  • Learning constantly for grateful obedience and pleasing Christ in all areas of life

To fulfill this mission, Words of Hope offers Scripture teaching/training to groups of people and pastoral counseling/coaching/mentoring to individuals and families that is rooted in biblical truth. We also make teaching and counseling resources available in printed form, CD, DVD, and on our website.

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